Each jewelry creation at SUREE has been crafted with precision and dedication. With certain simple precautions during usage and maintenance, the original allure of the piece can be preserved over time.

  • It is highly recommended to clean your jewelry regularly. Wipe with a soft, non-lint cloth. Due to the potential of damage, avoid using chemical products and other cleaning methods. It is recommended that you undergo inspection and professional cleaning of your jewelry at a SUREE boutique every 2-3 years
  • It is highly recommended that your SUREE creations be serviced at our official boutiques. 
  • Please refrain from using cleaning solutions on SUREE jewelry, especially emeralds and other colored gemstones as it may have adverse effects on its color and shine. 
  • We encourage the removal of your SUREE pieces before going to sleep, participating in sports or other similarly active events, and washing your hands. Avoid contact with fragrances, alcohol, and strong chemicals. Intense and/or fluctuating temperature and contact other stones from pieces may scratch and cause other damages to your jewelry.
  • When not being worn, each piece should be stored individually in their original box or pouch in a moderate temperature environment. Diamonds are hard but are susceptible to damage from impacts so proper care is vital to the longevity of your jewelry. For products with chains, lay the chain flat in storage to avoid tangling. 
  • If your jewelry suffers an impact or shock, it may be necessary to check the stone and its setting. Avoid placing unnecessary force on clasps, joints, and metal frames and ensure that all clasps and latches close properly. If there are concerns, refrain from wearing the piece until you have had it checked by a SUREE boutique.

Specific Care for Gemstones

  • Diamonds: Although diamonds are incredibly hard, the stone itself is fragile. Avoid impacts and wear with due caution.
  • Opal: Opal is a stone composed of several proteins, making it prone to breaking if it is too dry. However, avoid contact with water and oils. Instead, hold the gemstone gently in your hands for five minutes at least every 2-3 months to rejuvenate the stone.
  • Kunzite: The color of kunzite is prone to fading over time. This is normal for this stone.
  • Tanzanite/Emerald: Since these gemstones do not have a high degree of hardness, it is more challenging to be held securely by the prongs. Thus, expert craftsmen are required to secure the stone into the jewelry piece.