2023 S/S Campaign


The theme of SUREE‘s first campaign is color. A plethora of marvelous jewels have been organized by their hues. From the brilliant white of pearls to then lustrous blue of sapphires, the gemstones of the six color groups will intoxicate their beholders.


Kaleidoscope of Heaven

Derived from the Greek word “opallios” meaning “precious stone”, the opal is a “play of colors”, incomparable to any other jewel in terms of pigmentation. The curvature of the gemstone gleams in the light like the Aurora Borealis, shining its various hues into the eyes of its enamored observers. Creating the illusion of the stone swirling and changing form, it truly embodies the mystical spectacles of nature. The brightness of opal, which is a collection of natural sediments, depends on how orderly the ball-shaped silicic acids within the opal are arranged. The size of the silicic acid within each opal creates variance in their colors, shapes, and vibrance. Even similar types of opal can be valued at different prices as a result of the desirability of their “play of colors”. Finding an opal with the desired pattern, colors, and brightness is incredibly difficult. The OPALLIOS Collection of SUREE consists of opal rings that display the pinnacle of what the color spectrum has to offer and will be a treasured piece for those who never settle for anything less than the absolute best.



As a Launch Event, SUREE JEWELRY will present a silver bracelet made by SUREE to the first 100 clients in the month of November 2022 starting November 14th, 2022.
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Tourmaline Open Ring

Emerald Cut Sapphire Blue Jay Pendant and Necklace

Waterfall Open Ring

Pink Saltwater Akoya Pearl Bracelet

Pear Cut Aquamarine Double Halo Ring
3ct White Dia& 1ct GIA Dia Combination Open Ring